Central Vac

Central Vac

Correctly installing a central vac and the benefits of having one

If you are tired of hauling a clunky, heavy vacuum cleaner through your home on a regular basis and are looking for a better way to clean your home, you may have your eyes focused on a central vacuum. A central vacuum is a unique type of home appliance that is designed to be a built-in or semi-permanent feature in your home. If you make the decision to invest in a central vac, you may consider the importance of having it installed correctly for the best overall results.

The Benefits of a Correctly Installed Central Vac

Mvac logoA central vac system is unique from a traditional portable vacuum because it is built into your home, and it suctions the dirt and debris out of your home. There is no ability for the dirt and dust to be recirculated throughout your home because it is immediately removed. Because of this, a central vacuum is typically preferred in homes with allergy sufferers. The central vac system can be installed with small, permanent dust pan features in select areas near the base of your walls, and you can sweep dirt from hard floor surfaces right into these features to remove dirt. The dirt will be suctioned out of your home without concern or hassle. For carpeted areas of the home or areas where you have area rugs, you can use a built-in fixture plus a portable hose to vacuum the dirt and dust out of the home.Rather than hauling a large vacuum from room to room, you will only need to move the hose. You will also not need to worry about moving your electrical cord from outlet to outlet. Because of all of these incredible benefits associated with a central vacuum, these are typically seen as a value-added feature in a home, and they can help you to sell your home when the time comes to do so.

Planning for the Installation of Your Central Vacuum

After you have decided that you want to take advantage of the benefits of a central vacuum for your home, Vacuflo logoyou will need to decide where to install the different hose connections and inlets for your system. Typically, the main canister for the vacuum will be placed in your basement, garage or another area of the home that is out of the way and that has space available for this unit. A series of plastic tubes will need to be run through the walls, ceilings and floors of your home to the different locations that you have selected in your rooms. You should keep in mind the type of flooring in the room as well as the length of the vacuum hose that is associated with the model that you have chosen when you select the best placement for each of these. You may also need to know the location of electrical wiring, plumbing pipes and HVAC duct work in your home when you select the best route for your central vac pipes in your walls, ceilings and floors. One strategy that works well in many homes is to run the pipes through the attic and drop the pipes into inlet receptacles placed in closets or close to cabinets.

The Installation Process

The installation process for a central vac can seem overwhelming, and it should be completed with care. Keep in mind that the improper installation may result in leaks that could decrease the functionality and life of your central vac system. It also may cause damage to the home, including potential damage to your electrical wiring, pipes, drywall and more. While you may want to enjoy the benefits of a central vac, you do not want to risk damaging your property. After all, you may need to run a series of pipes throughout many rooms of your home, and this can be tricky to accomplish without damaging the home. Therefore, many people will choose to have a professional complete the installation of a central vacuum for them.

A central vacuum can be a wonderful addition to your home that makes your efforts at cleaning it easier and more effective. It can improve your property value and help you to make your home more desirable to potential buyers. However, the system does need to be properly installed if you want to enjoy the best overall results from this investment. You can take time to compare different central vac models as a first step. Then, hire a contractor to assist you with the proper installation of your new system.